I was introduced to the Kangen Water machine on July 2007. I was very skeptical at first because I have learned that water can be ionized in freshman chemistry at MIT in 1951. However, we never learned how this water can benefit our health. I have had diabetes II for many years as well as other health issues. Since I could try the water for free, I decided to give it a go.

After only 3 weeks, here are my actual test results:

  Was Now
Triglycerides 438 113
Cholesterol 220 151
Glucose 154 104
Hemoglobin 7.8 6.4

Wow! I bought the machine knowing that it is not only good for me but also learned that the water will help my wife, Bettie, on her path to continue the remission of her cancer.

My wife spent most of 2006 in the City of Hope hospital with AML. She was given 3 to 5% chance of survival. When she was discharged from the City of Hope after 9 months of intensive treatment, her blood work had never been normal. After a few months on the water, her many follow on check-ups kept on improving. Now it is 100% normal. Praise God.

This water also helps to control my acid reflux problem. I used to have to sleep with my bed tilled up quite a bit so that the stomach acid does not come up and burn my esophagus. Now, I seldom have to use antacids anymore. We truly believe that this water came to us as part of the answer to our prayers. Furthermore, it also helps to keep my own colon cancer from coming back!

How and why this water works

Now, is this miracle water? No, neither is it medicine. We all know that we live in a miracle machine. Our body is about 70% water and about $5.00 worth of chemicals. How it works and grows and maintains its health is still a mystery.

One thing we have discovered is that our body thrives on proper balances. It has a built-in system to help us maintain proper balance so that we can survive in a hostile environment. For example, our body has a very efficient temperature regulation system. It keeps our inner organs at a temperature of near 98.6 degree F so that they can function properly. This process is one aspect of homeostasis: a dynamic state of stability between our internal environment and its external environment. When our body temperature increases significantly above normal, a condition known as hyperthermia occurs. (that’s why so many poor ederly person die everytime a heat wave hits). The opposite condition, when body temperature decreases below normal levels, is known as hypothermia. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help the body out. For example, a lowly blanket can become a life saving miracle if you are suffering from hypothermia!

Similarly, we have an efficient system to help us maintain proper glucose level in our blood. However, if we eat the wrong food, drink the wrong water such as too many sodas (very acidic with pH as low as 2.4) we will become obese and eventually overstress our pancreas and become diabetic!

One of our most tightly regulated systems is the pH regulation of our blood. The ideal pH of the blood is 7.365. It can vary only a very a small amount and still keep the cells alive. In fact, when our blood pH is lower than 7.2, cardiovascular complications can occur. Our body will do anything even at the expense of your bones, organs and other tissues to keep the pH at the proper level. We are polluting our bodies with too many acid-producing activities, among them smoking, drinking too much alcohol and eating excessive amount of acid-producing foods, such as dairy products, sugar, animal protein, processed grains, junk food and soda. (pH 2.4). Yes, recent research has found that we blame the fat from fast food restaurants that made us fat, actually the unlimited soda fountain is the real cause! With a pH of 2.4 and loaded with sugar, we become overly acidic. Over time, all these factors add up to produce the toxic liquid called acidity which causes our blood regulation system to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, taking calcium and other minerals from our body to balance our blood pH. As this continues, it may cause our vital organs to begin to shut down, and our bones to become brittle. If this acidic state continues, the result is chronic disease, cancer, and even death. Fortunately, this acidity can be reversed if we catch it in time. Just like a simple blanket can save us from hypothermia if we act in time, eating more alkaline fruits and food and drinking alkaline water can neutralize this acidity and revitalized our organs and our health.

The big question is: Will it help you? The answer is very simple. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Is this healthy water for you or not? Only your body can tell. If you are interested, ask for the free videos and the literature and start by trying this water for free!
Now, there are many water ionizer machines available, but the best is the machine that produces the Kangen water, the SD 501 machine. It is the Mercedes among the machines. When you have health problems you don’t look for cheap doctors, when you have to go to court, you don’t want to have cheap lawyers. Similarly, as far as you own health is concerned, you don’t want any cheap substitutes! (Most cheap machines fail to work after 3 to 6 months)

God Bless!  Dr. Bob Lee (Ph. D)